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The Zero Childhood Cancer Program (ZERO) is generating a wealth of research data that is adding enormously to our knowledge and understanding of childhood cancer.  

In particular, the analysis of data and sample resources being gathered from children participating in the ZERO national clinical trial is generating invaluable molecular and genetic information. This is leading to exciting revelations about the causes and molecular drivers of cancers in children, which in turn is driving research into potential therapies and preventive strategies. 

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“The data we are gathering is not only generating evidence-based treatment options in the present, but is also building a powerful research repository for the future.”

- Professor Glenn Marshall AM

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Research projects 

ZERO has led to several associated research projects to date, including those focusing on liquid biopsy, computational biology, immune-oncology, health implementation, and a range of others. Expansion of the ZERO clinical trial to include children with medium risk and then lower risk cancers is likely to lead to additional research projects in the coming years. 

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International sharing of data 

Beyond generating new research discoveries in Australia, ZERO is contributing to global research discovery through the sharing of childhood cancer data with an international network of research and clinical partners. Through a reciprocal sharing arrangement, we are also gaining access to an enormous bank of data that will drive our own childhood cancer research further, placing Australia at the forefront of this field. 

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Global recognition 

ZERO has established Australia as an international leader in paediatric precision medicine.  Recognition of this came with an invitation from the President of the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) to Professor Michelle Haber AM, Executive Director, Children’s Cancer Institute, to present on behalf of the ZERO team at the AACR Annual Meeting in June 2020. Professor Haber’s address to the Presidential Select Symposium on precision paediatric cancer medicine is true acknowledgement of the global significance of ZERO and the impact it is having, both clinical and research. 

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