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Celebrate Ellie's 4th birthday!

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Ellie was just eleven months old when a scan revealed a tumour in her chest so large it was pushing her tiny heart and lungs to one side. Within days she was in intensive care and on life support.

Ellie was immediately enrolled onto the Zero Childhood Cancer Program. Her tumour underwent detailed analysis to identify the specific genetic change driving the cancer and the Zero team identified a new drug that specifically targeted that genetic change. Within four weeks the tumour had shrunk to a point where she could be taken off life support. Within six weeks she was out of ICU.

Today, Ellie is a lively, outgoing 4-year-old. She started pre-school in September – a milestone she was very excited about. Thanks to the Zero Childhood Cancer Program, Ellie can celebrate another birthday with her family and friends.

DONATE TODAY and help change the future for children like Ellie.

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