Associate Professor Paul Ekert

MBBS, PhD (Melb), FRACP, FFSc (Research)(RCPA)

Translational Tumour Biology Group Lead

Children's Cancer Institute

Associate Professor Paul Ekert is a clinician scientist with 25 years of experience as a consultant paediatrician and in oncology research. Paul leads the Translational Tumour Biology Group, and is cross-appointed at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and Murdoch Children’s Research Institute to drive collaborative projects that link basic research with the discovery of novel therapeutic targets and genetic understanding of paediatric cancers. Paul is currently developing a new research program to apply some of the novel findings of ZERO to better understand the biology of tumours. 

Paul is well known for his ground-breaking research on the genes that control cell death, and how they are regulated by growth factor signalling. Some of this work contributed to the development of new drugs called BCL2 inhibitors. More recently, he has focused on applying the science of genomics to understanding what makes a cell cancerous, and what in that cell might be targeted therapeutically.  

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