Zero Childhood Cancer

The most comprehensive personalised medicine program for children and young people with cancer in the world.

Over 600 children with high risk and rare cancers have been enrolled across Australia since the Zero Childhood Cancer clinical trial commenced in 2017. By the end of 2023, our aim is that all children diagnosed with cancer in Australia have access to ZERO.

Involving all paediatric oncology units across Australia, as well as 23 national and international research partners, Zero Childhood Cancer is the strongest possible combination of medicine, technology, research and dedicated people. It is giving hope to children with the most aggressive cancers who have little or no treatment options.


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Information for families

When a child is diagnosed with cancer, it has a devastating impact on the whole family. If you have questions about the Zero Childhood Cancer Program and how it might help your child, please read on.

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Information for researchers

The Zero Childhood Cancer Program harnesses the latest technology and innovations in research to offer a truly unique insight into an individual child’s cancer to enable identification of the treatment most likely to be effective.

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Information for clinicians

The Zero Childhood Cancer Program involves all major paediatric oncology units across Australia who treat the approximately 1,000 children diagnosed with cancer each year. Find out how to get involved in this life-saving program.

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Jack’s story

Jack was diagnosed with a brain tumour at nine years old. Following surgery his prognosis was good. But just over a year later Jack relapsed. This time his tumour was aggressive and had spread throughout his brain and spine. With no treatment options available, Jack was enrolled on the Zero Childhood Cancer Program.

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