About Zero Childhood Cancer

Zero Childhood Cancer is the most comprehensive personalised medicine program for children and young people with cancer in the world.

The Program

Zero Childhood Cancer is the most exciting childhood cancer research initiative ever undertaken in Australia.

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The Zero Childhood Cancer Program (ZERO) is having an extraordinary impact on the way children with cancer are treated.

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Science and technology

The Zero Childhood Cancer Program (ZERO) uses state of the art facilities, software and equipment to offer unique insight into each individual child’s cancer and how it might best be treated.

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The National Clinical trial

Launched in 2017, PRecISion Medicine for Children with Cancer (PRISM) Study will enrol 400 children on the Program

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Accelerating research

The ZERO platform and clinical trial rely on multiple innovative programs to ensure the very latest technologies, research capability and excellence in clinical care are applied.

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Research and Clinical Partners

The Zero Childhood Cancer Program (ZERO) involves unprecedented collaboration between researchers and clinicians nationally and internationally.  

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Funding Partners

Zero Childhood Cancer would not be possible without the generous support of our funding partners

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Everything you need to know about Zero Childhood Cancer

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