Dr Jamie Fletcher

BMedSc, PhD (USYD)

Principal Scientist, Experimental Therapeutics Group

Children's Cancer Institute 

Dr Jamie Fletcher is Principal Scientist in the Experimental Therapeutics Group at Children’s Cancer Institute, conjoint Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Medicine at UNSW Sydney and co-scientific lead of the ZERO Preclinical Drug Testing Core Team. His research focuses on high-risk neuroblastoma – aggressive, difficult to treat cases of neuroblastoma are associated with survival rates below 50%.

Jamie and his team are working to improve our understanding of drug resistance mechanisms, investigating why anti-cancer drugs fail in some patients and if there may be ways to predict, avoid or reverse drug resistance, as well as investigating new approaches to non-invasive monitoring of disease progression and drug response. His team has developed a panel of highly specialised preclinical models of high-risk neuroblastoma, including patient-derived xenograft (PDX) models and models of metastatic disease. These models are critical to testing the effectiveness of new or personalised therapies for neuroblastoma patients and for understanding the biology of the disease.

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