Associate Professor Kathy Tucker AO


Clinical Cancer Geneticist

Hereditary Cancer Centre, Prince of Wales Hospital

Prince of Wales Hospital Clinical Schoool, UNSW

Associate Professor Kathy Tucker is a clinical cancer geneticist with extensive experience in cancer genetics. She founded the first Australian Familial Cancer Service in 1994 and is the former head of the Hereditary Cancer Centre, Prince of Wales Hospital as well as a conjoint of the POWH Clinical school of the University of New South Wales. Since founding this service, Associate Professor Tucker has been actively involved in local, state-wide and national working parties on genetics service and policy development.

Kathy is a Chief Investigator for the PREDICT Cancer Predisposition study. Leveraged through the Zero Childhood Cancer Program network, this study will allow us to identify gene variants of possible clinical significance and to identify families susceptible to the development of cancer and rare diseases. 

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