Professor Michelle Haber AM 

BSc (Psych) (Hons), PhD, Hon DSc (UNSW) FAHMS

Executive Director, Children's Cancer Institute

Michelle has dedicated her entire professional life to improving clinical outcomes for children with cancer. She is one of Australia’s leading translational researchers and has become the face of Australian childhood cancer research internationally. She is world-renowned for her research into the childhood cancers neuroblastoma and leukaemia, which has led not only to key advances in our understanding of these diseases, but also to new clinical approaches that have improved survival rates.

Michelle is best-known for defining new molecular targets (genes and proteins that drive the growth and aggressive behaviour of cancers) as well as developing new therapies that attack those targets. Driving the development of ZERO and leading the Program, alongside Vanessa Tyrrell and Professor Tracey O'Brien, is one of her many career highlights. 

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