Dr Emmy Fleuren

BSc, MSc, PhD (RU, The Netherlands) 

Senior Scientist, Translational Tumour Biology

Children's Cancer Institute

Dr Emmy Fleuren is a Senior Scientist in the Translational Biology Group,  leading research into identifying novel therapeutic targets in sarcoma - a diverse group of cancers that affect the connective tissues of the body, including bones, muscles and fat, which are mostly found in children, adolescents and young adults. She was recently appointed Sarcoma Expert within ZERO’s Preclinical Drug Testing Core.  

Dr Fleuren is dedicated to helping improve the cure rate of children with sarcoma using therapies that specifically target tumour cells and are therefore not only more effective, but also much less likely to cause damaging side effects. Currently, her main focus is looking for proteins that are overexpressed in sarcoma cells and she is working towards pinpointing?those that are actually driving the disease (so-called ‘activated proteins’).? 

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