Zero Childhood Cancer Portal (BEACON)

Empowering researchers by enabling real-time access to genomic data from children with cancer

We are pleased to launch the new Zero Childhood Cancer Data Portal (BEACON), a real-time exploration portal to enable researchers view, filter, query and request cohort-level genomic data from children with cancer. You can explore all the genomic and aggregate clinical data made available by the ZERO Childhood Cancer program via this portal. The platform provides transparency into the vast amount of clinical and research data collected and generated by the ZERO Program.

Researchers will be able to view, filter and query for specific dataset available from to aid their requests for ZERO Data/Sample for research purposes. By logging into this portal using CILogon, an authentication service designed to provide secure access to cyberinfrastructure (CI) resources for researchers and collaborators using existing credentials from trusted institutions or identity providers,  researchers will be able to utilise the biosamples filter and view granular data rows in the table tab. CILogon supports over 5000 identity providers, including campus identity providers, GitHub, Google, Microsoft, and ORCID. 

Visit CCI Beacon UI ( to explore, ask questions or provide feedback on our new portal now! 

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