Data/Sample Amendment request for Variation to Project

The Zero Childhood Cancer Program (ZERO) is building a rich repository of cancer research resources. Through the ZERO national clinical trial, a bank of tumour samples is being collected, and valuable molecular and genetic information about children’s cancers is being gathered.  

Submitting an Amendment Request for Variations to Project

For researchers with an approved ZERO Data/Sample Access Agreement(s), any substantial variations to the approved ZERO Data or Sample Access Agreement(s) must be submitted via an Amendment Request.

This includes:

  • Changes to materials requested, including requests for extra or new materials
  • Changes to Data requested, including requests for alternative or new data types or new datasets
  • Changes to the Approved Project details, scope, purpose, or permitted use of materials/data
  • Changes to Approved authorised personnel.

Alternatively, the Investigator(s) and Receiving Institution(s) may be required to sign the Schedule of Special Conditions to confirm acceptance of variations from the Application Form as submitted.

You are strongly recommended to send a preliminary enquiry to before submitting a completed form so that we can assist you.

Please use the Data Amendment Request form for changes and variations to already-approved Data Applications, or use the Sample Amendment Request form for changes or variations to the already-approved Sample Applications, respectively. 

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